Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote

Dear Lovelies,

The Michael Kors Hamilton bag was love at first sight two years ago.

Back then it was one of the it-bags and everyone wanted one. Now, the reason why I didn't buy it back then is rather complicated.

When it comes to fashion I can be quite impulsive and let's admit it - a fashion victim from time to time (just like any other woman). You might buy something you're in love with one second and fall out of love with it the next. I told myself it's all about self control so I stepped back a little and waited a few months to see if this "fling" would pass.

It didn't, but life happened and instead of buying a Hamilton, I moved to the other side of the planet (Germany to Australia) and re-built my life from scratch. But call it fate or "real love" (I hope my hubby doesn't get jealous in case he sees me writing about a bag like this) when I had already put thoughts about the Hamilton into the furtherest corner of my mind and I had no intention to buy it - BOOM there it was: as beautiful as ever, I was still in love with the shape and size and seeing it in this colour I knew I finally had to buy it.

Here it is ladies: the Michael Kors Hamilton in Mandarin coloured Saffiano leather!

Saffiano Leather: The calf leather with a typical cross-hatch design, which is a special diagonal pattern, is believed to be Prada's signature leather. As treated leather it is machine processed at around 165 degrees which presses the pattern in it and finishes it with a wax treatment which gives the item a higher scratch-resistence than natural leather.

If you are interested in other Hamilton models, click *here*
If you want to buy the Mandarin coloured one straight off the Michael Kors online shop, click *here*

With Love, 



  1. Hey! Genau die gleiche Michael Kors Hamilton Bag habe ich auch :)

    1. Du wirst mir zustimmen, dass das eine total wunderbare Tasche ist! Ich bin so froh, dass ich sie nicht in einer neutralen Farbe gekauft habe (schwarz oder braun), sondern in der Farbe. So ein Hingucker!
      Liebe Gruesse!

  2. It's a really pretty bag! and it's quite big (I love big bags haha).


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