Monday, 31 December 2012

NYE 2012 Preparations and Recipes

Dear Lovelies,

I'm currently preparing 'Yum Yum Salad' and would like to share the recipe.

It takes approximately 15 minutes. For 6 people you need:

♥ 1 large chinese cabbage
♥ 3 packages of Instant Noodles Chicken Flavour
♥ 3 spring onions
♥ 80 g sunflower seeds
♥ 4 table spoons vinegar (White Wine Vinegar)
♥ 80 ml canola oil
♥ 1 table spoon salt
♥ 1 table spoon pepper
♥ 3 table spoons sugar

Ingredients for Yum Yum Salad

Let's start:

♥ Cut the cabbage in half and both halfs into fine strips, put into salad bowl
♥ roughly crush up the instant noodles and add to the cabbage
♥ chop up the spring onions
♥ pour sugar, salt, pepper, vinegar, oil and the chicken flavour sachets into a cup and stir properly
♥ roast sunflower seeds in frying pan without oil
♥ put everything together, stir and enjoy this crunchy and fresh summer salad!

ATTENTION: Don't prepare the salad the night before unless you like your noodles soggy instead of crunchy.

A meal wouldn't be perfect though without a good drink! My favourite for this years NYE is Chambord:

Beautiful Chambord bottle

♥ Chambord is crafted from the world’s finest raspberries and blackberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac to create a delicious all-natural Black Raspberry liqueur.

Chambord + Soda
♥ 30 ml Chambord
♥ 2 Lime Wedges
♥ Soda on top

Chambord + Sparkling Wine
♥ 10 ml Chambord
♥ Champagne on top

(Source and more recipes on their facebook page ChambordAustralia)

AND: Cooking and enjoying a good drink is only half the fun without good music! So my playlist today includes:

♥ Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child
♥ Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven
♥ Calvin Harris - Feel So Close
♥ Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait
♥ feat. Britney Spears - Scream & Shout
♥ Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing
♥ Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble
♥ David Guetta - She Wolf

Happy New Year!

With Love,



My first month in Sydney

Hello Lovelies,

It's been exactly four weeks now that I left my little comfort zone - my old home - and sailed off to new shores. My new home is Sydney and I'd like to share a few things from the very start here in Australia.
My husband and I were extremely lucky to have good friends here, so we were allowed to stay with them from the day we landed. As much as I enjoyed the company, as an adult couple we were hoping to find our own little place as soon as possible.
Everyone told us it would be quite difficult to get approved for the desired appartment considering at this point both of us were unemployed.
Believe it or not, I think the apartment we looked at (it was the third one - third time lucky) is made for us, so it happened that we got approved for this place on our 12th day in Sydney! I still cannot grasp this beautiful view and I wish I could take photos with my eyes!

Day 16 - Moving in/Cleaning the apartment
top left: can't get enough of sunsets | bottom right: our new friends

While we ate on a cardboard box and slept on a matress, I was in the hot phase of getting a job. Having sent a good dozen of applications out I was hoping to find something as soon as possible (once again ASAP, my gosh patience is a virtue).
I had to remember my tattoo (which you can see *here*) everytime I picked up the phone to call a company to make sure they remember me. But I was lucky once more, on day 13 I had my first interview and on day 16 I had a Letter of Offer in my mail and now I'm proud to be able to say I work in the marketing department for a well known Australian company.

left: my new favourite coffee cup | right: first day at work

As if racing through all these obstacles wasn't enough, I must have done something right because the person in the sky decided I deserved more. My mother-in-law gave us plane tickets to the beautiful Sunshine Coast for Christmas. One week after my first week in my new position I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Queensland, visiting places I've been before (Maroochydore), doing things for the first time (fishing!) and all the things in between. Seeing my sister-in-law and her adorable children was also a highlight.

Fishing in Maroochydore

After Christmas we mainly put all our energy towards household shopping as we have to build our life from scratch. Tomorrow - day 31 in Sydney - we will finally have a table and chairs.

My favourite Australian flowers: top left: Hibiscus | bottom left and right: Frangipani

What I learnt so far:

1.: Never, really NEVER, leave the house without sunscreen!
2.: A little bit of COURAGE is all it takes to be greatly rewarded!

With Love,



Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Infinite Courage

Dear Lovelies,

Courage has many definitions. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, courage is: The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear or vicissitudes with self possession, confidence and resolution; bravery.

Apart from the definition, everyone has their own conception of courage, which also varies due to different situations in life.

For me personally, courage is probably the most important virtue as ones thoughts and actions hinge on the connection between courage and other virtues such as kindness, prudence, fortitude and so on. Very often in life situations occur which require courage. No matter whether it is just a phone call that has been put off, or a life changing decission.

In terms of bravery, satisfaction, or success a little bit of courage is sometimes all it takes.

Infinity Tattoo - Courage

With Love,



Monday, 24 September 2012

Coldplay, Autumn, Melancholy

♫ *Come up to meet you*Tell you I'm sorry*You don't know how lovely you are*I had to find you*Tell you I need you*Tell you I set you apart* ♫

Coldplay's lyrics to 'The Scientist' from last night's concert in Hannover are still echoing through my head. Autumn is slowly pushing summer out of the door and I get more and more melancholic while I snuggle up on the couch, listening to 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'.
The song makes me think about how many things we usually take for granted. Not only in relationships but in general as well. Life is always changing but we naively like to believe things will stay the same. Until we wake up one day to find what we had is gone.

Today's outfit is inspired by a good friend who recommended a little café to me where we had awesome homemade cakes. Afterwards we strolled through the close by park and I realised once again how beautiful Germany is in autumn and that it might be my last autumn for a while.

Favourite colours in autumn: ruby, cream and gold

♫ *Nobody said it was easy*It's such a shame for us to part*Nobody said it was easy*No one ever said it would be this hard*Oh take me back to the start* ♫

With Love,



Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Perfect Trenchcoat

Hi Lovelies,

My heart still beats really fast when I remember the day I spotted and bought my new (and perfect) trenchcoat.
It certainly is not the first one I bought, but it's going to be the first one that I'll keep. There was always something not quite right with the antecessors of this one, which made me sell them. I was wondering what it was that made me feel uncomfortable in all the other ones and due to my experiences and some research I found out and want to share with you now the most important things to keep in mind when bying such a classical piece:

1. Do not let yourself be mislead by certain trends!
Last year's trend colour for trenchcoats - camel - looked aweful on me! Just because it is 'en vogue' doesn't mean you have to buy it. Remember it is a classical piece and you might still want to wear it in 20 years.
2. Know which colours suit you!
And I'm not talking about red or blue trenchcoats, but about the different shades of brown. Be aware that your skin tone might look fresher when you are wearing cooler colours or warmer colours. An easy way for me to test this was by applying nailpolish. On one finger I had a very warm blood red and on the other more like a raspberry red. Raspberry is more pinkish, which means there's a higher amount of blue mixed in the red, where as the blood red has a large amount of yellow mixed in it (orange=warm, blue=cold) The raspberry one suited me best, this means cooler colours ususally look better against my skin. Therefor I knew I had to watch out for a trenchcoat with a greyish tint.
3. Don't cut corners!
It may sound corny, but you're better off putting aside some money! Don't get me wrong, there's nothing condemnable with not wanting to spend too much. However, good quality has it's price. Sure even I can't just go to Burberry and buy my dream trenchcoat right away, but the point is: instead of spending 40 Euro on a quite thin trenchcoat which is a polyester mix and crinkles badly everytime you sit somewhere, you should wait until you are able to afford a better quality one. I know waiting for something you want badly really hurts, but you won't regret it!
4. Choose the right length for you!
Be realistic when you stand in front of the mirror and judge your build. You don't have kilometer-long legs like a model? Don't worry, you are still beautiful! Just keep in mind that certain coat lengths might make your legs appear even shorter. The most common differentiations are: short trenchcoat (ends just below your bum), medium (ends in the middle of your thighs) and long (ends approximately a hand width above the knee or right on it).

And here are my inspirational outfits for you:




Trenchcoat: Zara | Casual Shoes: Primark | Business Shoes: Buffalo | Date Shoes: Deichmann

With Love,


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Food Inspiration: Curry Risotto w/ Prawns + Riesling

Hello Lovelies,

I have to admit it right at the start: I'm not a brilliant chef! But I L*O*V*E good food and therefor I'm quite keen on trying to cook things myself.
Today's inspiration is a curry risotto with prawn skewers. Don't worry, easiest thing on earth ;-) I love cooking risotto because as you need white wine for the cooking process, you might equally want to pour one glass into the pot and one glass into your belly :-) that makes cooking fun.

It takes approximately 40 minutes. For 2 people you need:

♥ 250g (10 table spoons) Arborio rice (normal rice won't do)
♥ 2 cubes of stock (preferably vegetable stock) makes 1 liter
♥ 2 onions and one clove of garlic
♥ 1 small leek and vegetables of your choice (I used half a zucchini and 2 small carrots)
♥ sunflower oil, salt, pepper, 3 teaspoons of curry
♥ 200ml white wine

♥ 300g King Prawns plus 4 wooden skewers
♥ 20g herb butter and a squeeze of lemon

Let's start:

♥ prepare the king prawns by squeezing lemon juice over them before putting them on the two skewers, no salt needed
♥ prepare the stock and keep it in the pot on low heat the whole time! (Arborio rice doesn't like cold liquids)
♥ chop up everything you need
♥ pour yourself a glass of wine

♥ pour some oil in a seperate, big pot, heat it up and add the curry (it needs heat to develop all its flavour)
♥ add the finely(!) chopped onions and garlic and cook until glazed
♥ add the Arborio rice and let it simmer for 5 minutes
♥ add the leek or any kind of vegetables you want as long as they are in small pieces
♥ deglaze everything with 200ml of white wine and turn the stove top down to a low heat
♥ keep stirring and wait until it is boiled down
♥ once there's no liquid anymore you can start adding a ladle full of the warm stock

ATTENTION: this is the most important part: use warm stock only AND be patient! Only pour one ladle in at a time and wait until it's boiled down!

♥ repeat the step until you're out of stock or until the rice has the texture you like
♥ pour some oil in a frying pan, medium heat and put the prawn skewers in
♥ fry each side for approximately 2 minutes, then spread the herb butter over them and let them simmer for another minute
♥ take the frying pan off the heat and start serving, risotto first, prawn skewers on top

With Love & ENJOY!


Friday, 10 August 2012

OOTD - Marine Look

Hello Lovelies,

Just an outfit inspiration today in marine theme. The nautic look isn't new, but I love the modern twist with the golden statement necklace - the bigger the better!

Blouse: Zara | Shorts: New Yorker | Belt: Primark | Shoes: H&M

Necklace: Bijou Brigitte

With Love,


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pimp My IPhone 4 Case pt. 3 (DIY Hello Kitty)

Hello lovelies,

not only have I decided to write my blog posts in English from now on (all you smart German ladies will understand anyway, I'm sure), but I've also got a new DIY IPhone case for you.

This time I made it for my beloved little sister. She's crazy about Hello Kitty at the moment. Long story short, you need:

♥ a case
♥ tweezers
♥ appropriate glue
♥ half pearls and rhine stones
♥ other Hello Kitty stuff (there's plenty on Etsy, which I introduced *here*)

DIY Hello Kitty stuff
Finished Hello Kitty Case

With Love,


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Book Review - Fifty Shades Of Grey (Trilogy)

Hello ihr Lieben (und keine Sorge an alle Fans des Buches: hier wird nichts verraten),

es kommt nicht allzu oft vor, dass ich freiwillig ein Buch kaufe, geschweige denn eines lese. Natürlich kann ich lesen, aber es schaffen nicht viele Bücher mich so zu entertainen, dass ich motiviert bin, mich durch die Seiten zu lesen.
Deshalb ist diese Buchempfehlung von mir heute etwas Besonderes, denn ich habe die Bücher dieser Trilogie einfach nur verschlungen und das mitnichten wegen ihrer literarisch wertvollen Ausdrucksweise.
Es geht dabei um die Titel: "Fifty Shades Of Grey", "Fifty Shades Darker" und "Fifty Shades Freed".

Covers of the books

Dazu muss ich anmerken, dass ich Bücher, die ich tatsächlich lese, eigentlich ausschließlich in englischer Version kaufe und das jedem nur ans Herz legen kann. Denn erstens ist es eine schöne Art, die Fremdsprachenkenntnis aufzubessern und zweitens empfinde ich die englische Sprache als 'farbenfroher', die Wörter sind facettenreicher und haben meiner Meinung nach mehr Ausdruck. So können auch einfache Sätze wie 'Holy Shit!' in einem erotischen Kontext eine andere Konnotation aufweisen, als ein plumpes, deutsches 'Heilige Scheiße!'.

Worum geht es?
Als Anastasia Steele, 22, Literaturstudentin, den 27 jährigen Unternehmer Christian Grey für die Studentenzeitung interviewed, stellt sie fest, dass dieser nicht nur äußerst attraktiv, intelligent und erfolgreich, sondern auf gewisse Art auch einschüchternd ist.
Die schüchterne und unschuldige Ana stellt bald erschrocken fest, dass sie sich zu ihm hingezogen fühlt und auch Christian kann Ana's Freigeist nicht widerstehen.
Das Paar beginnt eine leidenschaftliche Affäre, in der Ana - zwischen geschockt und berauscht - Christian Grey's eigentümlichen sexuellen Geschmack kennenlernt.
Als Ana bemerkt, dass Christian Grey ein Mann ist, der von Dämonen und dem Wunsch zu kontrollieren besessen ist, stößt sie dabei an ihre Grenzen.

Warum sind die Bücher lesenswert?
weil die Autorin uns auf herrlich erfrischende, ehrliche Art mitnimmt in eine verruchte erotische Welt, über die sonst nur hinter vorgehaltener Hand getuschelt wird. Die Sexszenen (und davon gibt es reichlich) sind malerisch ausgestaltet und handeln nicht von 'Blümchensex', sondern von Christian Grey als Domino, der Anastasia zu seiner sexuell Untergebenen macht. Seine Vorstellung von Nähe, Lust und Liebe ('kinky fuckery') steht im klaren Gegensatz zu einer konventionellen Beziehung ('vanilla relationship').
Das bringt uns auch zum zweiten Grund:
Trotz aller BDSM Vorlieben (Bondage&Discipline-Dominance&Submission-Sadism&Masochism) - von denen wir lernen, das sexuelle Unterwerfung nichts mit Misshandlung zu tun hat - geht es im Grunde genommen doch darum, dass zwei Menschen mit unterschiedlicher Vorstellung von 'Liebe(machen)' aufeinander treffen und doch ihr Herz verlieren. Ist die Liebe so stark, dass beide Kompromisse eingehen können?
Und der banale, oberflächliche dritte Grund:
Ladies, mal ehrlich: wer von euch träumt nicht wenigstens ein klitze kleines bisschen davon, einem Christian Grey zu begegnen? Reich, machtvoll, unverschämt attraktiv, gut erzogen und sehr dominant. Und wer entdeckt in sich nicht eine Anastasia Steele, die an ihre Grenzen geht um diese verruchte, unbekannte, elektrisierend erotische Welt kennen zu lernen? Na also, erwischt ;-) Wer hat überhaupt das Gerücht in die Welt gesetzt, dass Frauen keine Pornos mögen? ;-)

Für die Fans hier noch eine 'Fifty Shades Playlist' der Songs, wie sie in den Büchern vorkommen:

Track NameArtistAlbum
Lakmé (Act I): Flower DuetAlain Lombard, Mady Mesple, Danielle Millet & Orchestre du Théâtre National de l'Opéra-Comique50 Classics for Beginners
Sex On FireKings of LeonOnly By the Night (Deluxe Version)
Adagio from Concerto No 3 in D Minor, BWV 974James RhodesNow Would All Freudians Please Stand Aside
MisfitAmy StudtFalse Smiles (New Version)
I'm On FireBruce SpringsteenBorn In the U.S.A.
The Lightning StrikeSnow PatrolA Hundred Million Suns
Heitor Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasilerias No. 5 for voice and 8 cellos: Aria (Cantilena)Ana María Martínez, Prague Philharmonia & Steven MercurioSoprano Songs and Arias: Ana Maria Martinez
WitchcraftFrank SinatraClassic Sinatra - His Great Performances, 1953-1960
La Traviata - PreludeItalian Wedding MusicItalian Wedding Music
ToxicBritney SpearsIn the Zone
The Blower's DaughterDamien RiceO (Deluxe Version)
Canon and Gigue in D Major: I. CanonEnglish Concert & Trevor PinnockPachelbel: Canon & Gigue
Spem in aliumPeter Phillips and The Tallis ScholarsThe Tallis Scholars sing Thomas Tallis
24 Préludes, Op. 28, No. 4 in E Minor: LargoAlexandre TharaudChopin: Préludes, Op. 28
Track NameArtistAlbum
What Is This Thing Called Love?Ella FitzgeraldElla Fitzgerald Sings the Cold Porter Songbook
Like a StarCorinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey Rae
Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18: “Adagio Sostenuto”Hélène GrimaudThe Ultimate Most Relaxing Classical Music In the Universe
Lover, You Should've Come OverJeff BuckleyGrace
Principles of LustEnigmaLove Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits
PossessionSarah McLachlanCloser - The Best of Sarah McLachlan (Deluxe Version)
TryNelly FurtadoFolklore
The ScientistColdplayA Rush of Blood to the Head
Every Breath You TakeThe PoliceThe Very Best of Sting & The Police
HeartbeatsJose GonzalezVeneer
HomelandsNitin SawhneyCafe Del Mar Volume Six
Fantasia On A Theme By Thomas TallisAndré Previn & Royal Philharmonic OrchestraVaughan Williams: Symphony No. 5 in D Major- Fantasia On A Theme Of Thomas Tallis
Chan ChanBuena Vista Social ClubBuena Vista Social Club
Crazy In LoveBeyoncéDangerously In Love
I Put a Spell on YouNina SimoneThe Best of Nina Simone
Bailero (Chants d'auvergne, 1st Series, No. 2)Academy of St. Martin In the Fields, Edward Gardner & Kate RoyalKate Royal
I've Got You Under My SkinMichael BubléIt's Time
Come Fly With MeMichael BubléMichael Bublé
SongbirdEva CassidySongbird
Nocturne No. 1 In B-Flat Minor, Op. 9, No. 1Vladimir AshkenazyUltimate Chopin
Weather to FlyElbowThe Seldom Seen Kid
King of PainThe PoliceSynchronicity (Remastered)
MoondanceVan MorrisonMoondance
Someone Like You (2007 Remastered)Van MorrisonStill On Top - The Greatest Hits (Deluxe Version)
This City Never SleepsEurythmicsSweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [Remastered Version]
The First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceRoberta FlackThe Very Best of Roberta Flack
Track NameArtistAlbum
You'll Never Find Another Love Like MineMichael Bublé with Laura PausiniCaught in the Act (Live)
Wherever You Will GoCharlene SoraiaWherever You Will Go - Single
The Great Gig in the SkyPink FloydDark Side of the Moon (Deluxe Experience Version) [Remastered]
Requiem, Opus 48: In ParadisiumRachel PorterRequiem & Peace
Wicked GameChris IsaakBest of Chris Isaak (Remastered)
Goldberg Variations: Aria by J.S.BachGlenn GouldBach: The Goldberg Variations (1955 Version)
I Say a Little PrayerAretha FranklinAretha Franklin: 30 Greatest Hits
Walk on ByAretha FranklinThe Queen in Waiting - The Columbia Years 1960-1965
Sexy BitchDavid Guetta featuring AkonOne Love (Deluxe Version)
Touch MeRui Da Silva & CassandraTouch Me (EP)
Sweet About MeGabriella CilmiLessons to Be Learned
La Fille Aux Cheveux de LinRonan O'HoraDebussy: Piano Works
Jesu Joy of Man's DesiringEteri AndJaparidzeThe Very Best of Bach
The Ugly DucklingDanny KayeDanny Kaye Sings "Hans Christian Andersen" and Other Favourites

With Love,


Monday, 6 August 2012

OOTD - 50's pleated skirt with a modern twist

Hello ihr Lieben,

das heutige Outfit Of The Day ist etwas retro angehaucht mit einem Plissérock und der wunderschönen barocken Prada Sonnenbrille.
Den modernen Touch geben die schwarzen Wedges (ich liebe Wedges, die sind so bequem) und das Arm Candy.

Shirt: H&M | Skirt: Zara | Wedges: Primark | Sunglasses: Prada

Habt ihr weitere Outfit Ideen, wie ihr Plisséröcke kombiniert?

With Love,


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Beauty Tip: Bronzing Powder

Hello ihr Lieben,

da uns der liebe Sommer ja bis jetzt ein wenig im Stich gelassen hat und wahrscheinlich die wenigsten von euch zu den glücklichen natürlich-gebräunten Mädels gehören, möchte ich euch heute einen Beauty Trick zeigen, wie man auch ohne schädliche UV-Strahlen gesund gebräunt und frisch aussehen kann.

Das Geheimnis dabei heißt "Bronzing Powder" oder auch "Bronzer" oder "Terra Puder" genannt.

Grundsätzlich ist wichtig, dass ihr euer Bronzing Puder nicht zu dunkel kaufen solltet! Zu dunkle Produkte haben oftmals einen Rotstich oder lassen euch wie eine ägyptische Pharaonin aussehen.
Wenn ihr euch unsicher seid: viele Firmen bieten den Bronzer an für Damen mit blondem Haar und für Brünette.
Auch wichtig: Der Bronzer sollte matt sein, also ohne Schimmer-/Glitzerpartikel, es sei denn ihr möchtet wie ein Pin-Up-Girl aussehen.

L'Oreal Glam Bronze


Wichtig beim Auftragen ist dabei, dass ihr in dünnen Schichten anfangt, damit das Ergebnis nicht zu künstlich ausfällt. Hinterher etwas mehr aufzutragen ist einfacher, als sich komplett wieder abschminken zu müssen.

Startet dabei auf dem höchsten Punkt eurer Wangenknochen und fahrt mit dem Pinsel oder Schwämmchen die Konturen nach. Wenn ihr damit fertig seid, sind die Schläfen und Geheimratsecken dran, hier umrandet ihr euer Gesicht herzförmig.

Um das Ganze abzurunden, bekommt euer Nasenrücken und das Kinn auch noch einen Stups vom Pinsel, aber das ist kein Muss.

Geübte können Bronzer übrigens auch dazu benutzen, um ihr Gesicht zu formen, also um eventuell ein zu breites Gesicht schmaler erscheinen zu lassen. Wer mag, trägt außerdem noch einen Klecks Rouge auf die Wangen auf (Lächeln beim auftragen macht's einfacher), allerdings empfinde ich das persönlich als gar nicht nötig.

P.S.: Der Preis spielt bei einem solchen Produkt weniger eine Rolle. Der vorgestellt Bronzer liegt um die 12 Euro. Davor hatte ich den "Terra Powder" von Rival de Loop um die 3 Euro und war ebenfalls äußerst zufrieden.

Viel Freude beim ausprobieren!

With Love,


Saturday, 28 July 2012

Pimp My IPhone Case pt. 2 (Theme: Paris)

Hello ihr Lieben,

nachdem ihr *hier* schon sehen konntet, dass ich mein Iphone 4 Flower Case mit Metallnieten gepimpt habe, habe ich nun eine weitere DIY Version für euch.

Diesmal ist es ein Iphone 3 Case, welches ich für meine allerliebste australische Freundin gemacht habe, die erst kürzlich in Frankreich geheiratet hat.

Man braucht:

♥ eine Hülle
♥ eine Pinzette
♥ Kraftkleber
♥ Halbperlen in verschiedenen Größen
♥ einen flachen Eifelturm

Bright Pink Case loves Pearls
Do It Yourself IPhone Case


With Love,


Friday, 27 July 2012

Trend Watch: Arm Candy

Hello ihr Lieben!

Seit längerer Zeit nun beobachte ich schon diesen Trend und war vom ersten Augenblick an verliebt. Deshalb muss ich das heute mit euch teilen.

"Arm Candy", oder "Arm Party" nennt man den Trend, in dem verschiedene Armbänder und andere Armaccessoires wie Uhren geschmackvoll aneinander gereiht werden.

Die Kinder der 90er denken da bestimmt sofort an Wolfgang Petrie, aber im Satz zuvor sprach ich ja von "geschmackvoll aneinander gereiht" ;-)
Natürlich gibt es dabei Kombinationen, die schöner aussehen als andere, aber das tolle an dem Trend ist: In ist, was gefällt, also kramt eure Armreifen, Armbändchen und schönsten Uhren raus und kombiniert drauf los!

Hier sind meine momentan liebsten Kombis:

Noch ein paar kleine Tipps, wo ihr schöne und nicht zu teure Armbänder finden könnt:

das tolle rote Nietenarmband kommt von Lookbookstore, zu der website geht's *hier*

der goldene, gehämmerte Armreif ist ursprünglich von Mango, ist aber auch im Lookbookstore erhältlich

super süßes Arm Candy findet ihr auch auf der Etsy site, welche ich ja schon vorgestellt habe. Da gibt's zum Beispiel tolle Infinity Bracelets *klick*

Diese Michael Kors Uhr (Model Blair) steht übrigens ganz oben auf meiner Wishlist!

Genauso wie dieses Armband. Ebenfalls Michael Kors.
MICHAEL Michael Kors bracelet

Zeigt mir euer schönstes Arm Candy!

With Love,