Saturday, 26 October 2013

Essie - Lilacism

Dear Lovelies,

When we moved to Sydney last year in November I saw it for the first time - these beautifully bushy light purple trees which seemed to pop up out of nowhere.
I didn't pay much attention though as I was focused on searching for an apartment and a job - why would I be interested in trees anyway?
This year - the same spectacular happening: The Jacarandas are in full bloom!

Jacaranda - is a tree which has been introduced to most tropical and subtropical regions, so it is not native to Australia. Jacarandas start blooming in spring and are beautifully messy as their fallen blossoms form a colourful purple carpet. It unfortunately doesn't last long and every year before Christmas (early summer) they're gone.

I'm in love with this colour and so I went chasing the perfect light purple and found it in Essie "Lilacism". What I love about Essie is the comprehensive range of colours, it's always modern , on trend and the quality is great. Two layers are enough and even without wearing a top coat it takes a while before the ends chip.

What's your favourite nail polish?

With Love,


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