Friday, 20 September 2013

Spring Beauty Haul

Dear Lovelies,

Isn't it the same scenario every year? During winter you totally forget that you have feet because you had them wrapped in at least one pair of socks (sometimes even two) and when the first warm spring day comes and you unpack your Steve Madden flats from the silk paper in their winter-sleeping-place you are shocked by what your feet look like in them. Their first day in freedom and you wish you'd taken as much care of your feet as your Steve Madden flats.
Shocked and I admit a little digusted I went to my nearest pharmacy and bought a little sping package (not only for my feet) which made me feel good.

Here are my spring essentials:

1. "Daily Oil Elixir" Schwarzkopf, $8.95
"Oil" makes you think of greasy immediately? Try this haircare product! Not only does it smell fantastic, but just one pump is enough as a leave-in treatment to nourish your hair and make it shiny. Or use several pumps as an intensive treatment for your hair over night or before you wash it.
2. "Dry Shampoo Bonny Blonde", Polished London, $4.95
Dry Shampoo so you don't have to wash your hair for one more day?? I admit that sounds ferral! But dry shampoo has another advantage which many people don't realise: It gives you more grip, so your hair is easier to style. The new generation also comes with colour particles for blonde or brunette hair - adding a nice shimmer to your hair.
3. "Chubby Stick Intense", moisturising lip colour balm, Clinique, $35.00
I don't know about you but come spring and I almost feel light as a feather. I want the same feeling for my lips - nothing heavy and sticky. The Chubby Stick is more like a balm but with intense colour.
4. "51074 Today's News", nail colour, Australis, $6.95
A nice bright coral colour - just what I needed after winter!
5. "Daily Face with SPF 30", moisturising face sunscreen, Le Tan, $8.95
Although "climate change", "UV levels" and "Skincancer" are always present topics in media, not many women realise,  that it is essential to protect their whole body from UV rays. Wear sunscreen on your face, even when your foundation or makeup has an SPF! This Le Tan one is my favourite as it has only a hint of colour in it AND has a matte finish!
6. Pedicure File, no name, $6.95
When a simple foot stone isn't enough - that's all I'm going to say ;-)
7. "Wash Off", instant spray tan, Le Tan, $15.95
I'm not a huge fan of fake tan. I still have pictures in my head of this girl at my school who everyone called "carrot" (teenagers can be so mean!). Most products nowadays are so good that they won't make your skin turn orange - thank god,  but when the natural exfoliating process of your skin kicks in most products leave you patchy. Not this one! Simply spray it on, let it dry for 60 seconds (after that it won't rub off on your clothes) and when you shower simply wash it off!
Perfect for my winter legs which are so white they blind me (and other people).

Which ones are you're favourite products at the moment?
With Love,

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