Sunday, 18 August 2013

Skirts? Shorts? SKORTS!

Dear Lovelies,

I'd seen this beautiful thing on so many German blogs a few months ago when spring hit the European fashion scene. Being on the other side of the planet however, meant that Zara obviously focused on stocking warm and wooly things.
When the spring collection finally hit Australia, I was the first through the door. I went into the changing room with every single colour of these "things" available and when the shop assistant asked me "How did you go with the skorts?" I didnt even realise she meant me... What did she just say? Skorts? What the hell is that? My beautiful thing all the sudden had a name. It's not a skirt and not shorts, it's something in between. SKORTS!
Unfortunately I've been busy working and catching up with Game of Thrones, which meant my skorts had to live in the drawer a bit before I had the chance to take these photos.
I love them, there's endless possibilities to combine them! Here's one suggestion. Enjoy!

With Love,



  1. Irgendwie lustig, dass am anderen Ende der Welt gerade Winter ist. Obwohl man den australischen Winter nicht wirklich Winter nennen kann!
    Das Outfit sieht einfach nur toll aus!Ebenso wie der Hintergrund.
    Da wünscht man sich doch direkt nach Australien!

    1. Man sieht's auf den Bildern nicht weil wir mitlerweile schon fast im Frühling sind, aber ich hab ganz schön gefroren im australischen Winter! Gibt ja keine Zentralheizung und die Wohnungen sind auch nicht nach deutschem Standard isoliert!!


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