Saturday, 10 August 2013


Dear Lovelies,

We're still in the middle of winter but this winter I wanted to escape the common winter blues and match my clothes according to my new lifestyle feeling. The super-mild Australian winter (23 degrees today and sunny!) made me leave my greys and blacks in the closet and dress in pastel colours.

Once you figured out what your skin tone is you can easily pick the right pieces/colours which will make you look vibrant. In my case my skin tone requests cooler colours, colours that have a tinge of blue in them, so I chose a mixture of light blue (that's the most obvious cold colour containing blue, haha), mint, pastel pink and a lippy in cherry red.

Now that I look at my photos I would say it's also a pretty good outfit for wearing in the office on Casual Friday, don't you think??

Pants: Just Jeans | Pullover: Target | Shoes: Windsor Smith | Blazer: Portmans | Bag: vintage

With Love,


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