Friday, 5 April 2013

My Week In Pictures

Hello Lovelies,

This post is the first one of its kind, I just thought it might be interesting for you to see more pictures and read less text.Enjoy.

(from left to right)

What I ate: Fruit salad! Other things too, but I just LOVE all different types of fruit at the moment.
What I enjoyed: Time with my hubby in the Art Gallery of NSW.
What I listened to: Insatiable, aren't I? Two Cds have made it into my collection (YES, I still buy the actual Cd if I think it's worth it): Justin Timberlake - "20/20 Experience" & Pete Murray - "Blue Sky Blue"
Where I danced: Sienna on 252 George Street - so many great and old RnB songs!
What I bought: Far too many things again, but these beautiful booties need to be mentioned! ♥ Ankleboots
What I discovered: Pink is the new Red!

With Love,


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