Friday, 12 April 2013

Beauty Basics

Dear Lovelies,

Today I'd like to show you my favourite beauty products. It's of course not a complete listing of all products I use but a small collection of products I can't live without.
Most of them I've used for years and never ever want to use anything else and even the ones which are quite new to my daily routine truly deserve being mentioned as they are brilliant products.

L'Oreal-Bronzing Powder | Maybeline-Mascara | Artdeco-Eyeshadow | Nature's Own-Paw Paw Lipbalm | Bebe-Cream
Artdeco Eyeshadow:
These brilliant eyeshadows all come seperately for putting into a magnetic box. I am totally convinced about their quality, have used them for 15 years now (jeez that sounds like I'm old, but I just started quiet young with using beauty products I guess) and love the brilliance of their colours.
You can get an overview of their products *here*
Have I mentioned that their magnetic boxes come in different and always changing designs and limited editions?

Bebe Cream:
I have used this cream now for ... as long as I can remember! It's the same great formula still and the only cream I can put on my picky skin without causing rashes and pimples. I liberally apply it every evening before I go to bed (when no one cares if you are shiny) and just enjoy the relaxed and smooth feeling of my skin in the morning.

Clinique-Almost Powder MakeUp
Clinique Powder:
Technically it is Make Up. What I love is the texture and that it lasts so long without having to apply it again every two hours. It is super smooth and doesn't make your face look cakey when you apply it with a brush as a Powder. When you use a moist sponge it is a Make Up with the same smooth texture but greater coverage.

Mac-Mineralize Concealer
Mac Concealer:
I prefer liquid concealers over the paste ones just for the sake of the very sensitive area around my eyes and the liquid ones are easier to blend for me. This Mac concealer offers medium coverage for blemishes and circles under the eyes without looking cakey or creasing under the eye.

Maybelline Foundation:
This product is very new in my Beauty Collection, but so far I like it. Maybelline is a good budget option for those who don't want to or can't afford to buy the expensive foundations. I'm totally new to the whole foundation thing as I've always thought I don't really need it. But it just makes your skin look so much more even! This Nude Foam is air infused and has a very light texture. It most certainly doesn't offer massive coverage but for those like me who just want a smoother finish it is perfect as you won't feel like you're wearing it.
P.S.: Budget or expensive product: make sure it always offers SPF!

YSL Lipstick:
Yes I do believe that when you buy a brand you probably pay a large amount just for the name. But even though you may not notice the difference between a luxury and budget product in certain cases I absolutely see why you pay AUD 55 for this Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Volupte' lipstick! The application is very smooth and the texture feels a little like lip butter. Even after wearing it for a while it keeps your lips moist and nourished which in combination with the texture gives your lips a comfortable feeling. The lipstick is so highly pigmented that the colour won't wear off too quickly and the great smell and packaging is a bonus.

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