Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Food Inspiration: Curry Risotto w/ Prawns + Riesling

Hello Lovelies,

I have to admit it right at the start: I'm not a brilliant chef! But I L*O*V*E good food and therefor I'm quite keen on trying to cook things myself.
Today's inspiration is a curry risotto with prawn skewers. Don't worry, easiest thing on earth ;-) I love cooking risotto because as you need white wine for the cooking process, you might equally want to pour one glass into the pot and one glass into your belly :-) that makes cooking fun.

It takes approximately 40 minutes. For 2 people you need:

♥ 250g (10 table spoons) Arborio rice (normal rice won't do)
♥ 2 cubes of stock (preferably vegetable stock) makes 1 liter
♥ 2 onions and one clove of garlic
♥ 1 small leek and vegetables of your choice (I used half a zucchini and 2 small carrots)
♥ sunflower oil, salt, pepper, 3 teaspoons of curry
♥ 200ml white wine

♥ 300g King Prawns plus 4 wooden skewers
♥ 20g herb butter and a squeeze of lemon

Let's start:

♥ prepare the king prawns by squeezing lemon juice over them before putting them on the two skewers, no salt needed
♥ prepare the stock and keep it in the pot on low heat the whole time! (Arborio rice doesn't like cold liquids)
♥ chop up everything you need
♥ pour yourself a glass of wine

♥ pour some oil in a seperate, big pot, heat it up and add the curry (it needs heat to develop all its flavour)
♥ add the finely(!) chopped onions and garlic and cook until glazed
♥ add the Arborio rice and let it simmer for 5 minutes
♥ add the leek or any kind of vegetables you want as long as they are in small pieces
♥ deglaze everything with 200ml of white wine and turn the stove top down to a low heat
♥ keep stirring and wait until it is boiled down
♥ once there's no liquid anymore you can start adding a ladle full of the warm stock

ATTENTION: this is the most important part: use warm stock only AND be patient! Only pour one ladle in at a time and wait until it's boiled down!

♥ repeat the step until you're out of stock or until the rice has the texture you like
♥ pour some oil in a frying pan, medium heat and put the prawn skewers in
♥ fry each side for approximately 2 minutes, then spread the herb butter over them and let them simmer for another minute
♥ take the frying pan off the heat and start serving, risotto first, prawn skewers on top

With Love & ENJOY!



  1. Yumm! I preferred it with chicken though. What an interesting thing to try though - curry risotto. Worked really well!

    1. Hi there! I've tried it with chicken once and added coconut milk to the curry risotto - tasted very exotic (in a good way) :-)


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