Sunday, 6 April 2014

Opening of H&M's first store in Australia

Dear Lovelies,

Let me tell you an intimate secret: I love H&M bras! They seem to be the only bras which fit my "build". I tried so many other brands, including high end brands. They're either uncomfortably cut, bad quality, or the cups make my boobies look pointy like Madonna's in the 90's.

When I moved to Australia - a far away country without H&M - a good year ago, I was already worried whether my H&M bras from Germany would survive this long or not, so you can imagine how delighted I was when H&M announced its first store to open on April 5 in Melbourne!

My flight got into Melbourne perfectly in time for the 10am opening on the 5th and the queue was already wrapped around the building several times. It took me an hour and a half to get in but I'm glad I came so early because it just got more and more packed.

Funnily I heard other Germans walking past saying to one another "Look, they're queuing for H&M, how stupid." I had a good giggle. I personally anticipated this opening of course not only because of the bras but also because H&M as a brand embodies a certain European lifestyle I grew up with. It is of course not a high quality brand and I totally understand if there's people who don't share my excitement and that's fair enough.

Enjoy the following snapshots from the opening as well as a few selected images of my haul!

Bourke Street, Melbourne | Home of Australia's first H&M

Before the opening | Image courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald

Bed Linen by H&M HOME

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