Saturday, 26 April 2014

Black Sheer Lace Blouse

Dear Lovelies,

I first saw this lace blouse a few months ago when it was all over German fashion blogs, mostly in cream colour. Back then the lace trend hadn't hit Australia quite yet, so my only option was to order it from Asian online shops, but because it seemed such a hassle to order it from overseas, I just forgot about it. Two weeks ago when I flew to Melbourne I found this beauty in H&M and had to buy it. You know when people sometimes say that Australia is behind in fashion and they say it with that undertone? I think being behind is not necessarily a bad thing - it just means you get to fall in love with a trend twice!

H&M doesn't offer online shopping in Australia yet, but you can order this shirt from *here* (Lookbookstore).

With Love,


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