Thursday, 21 February 2013

Casual Sydney - Or: wear it while you still can!

Dear Lovelies,

Even after my first three months in my new home I still consider myself as being a tourist. And what do tourists do? That's right, they walk a lot.
Considering it is still summer in Sydney I'm not going to show you anything too fancy, just two casual outfits, which I probably wouldn't have worn in Germany (don't ask me why). Especially with temperatures always ranging around the 30 degree mark, the last thing that you as a tourist wanna do is carry any unneccessary weight - and yes that includes clothes as well.

First outfit combines three trends at once:
1.) Jeans Jacket
2.) Maxi Dress
3.) Stripes

Casual, Laid Back, Relaxed, Beachey, Sydney

  You've got to love Jeans Jackets!   Statement Necklace
  French Manicure   Steve Madden Sandals

If you don't want to look too much like a sailor, avoid combining your stripey maxi dress with typical sailor colours such as red and blue (yes I know my bag is blue).

The second outfit is even more casual, like a 'Saturday 8am markets' outfit. It was about time for me to reflect the beachy and laid back lifestyle here, so I bought my very first pair of high waisted shorts. And that brings us to my point: Wear it while you still can! All the years I always thought 'I'm too old for that, I shouldn't wear that' and I seriously thought that from 20 onwards! Do you know that feeling when you think like something is not appropriate for your age but like a year later you look back and think you should've worn it because now it's too late and you're not getting younger?
In my particular case I'll have deep vein thrombosis keeping me from wearing anything shorter than knee length in a few years. So I decided for myself to wear the 'really short stuff' as long as I still can and as long as I'm not offending people with the ugly looking veins on my legs.

Sydney CBD
   High Waisted Shorts                                                   Surfboard Park
  Sydney from a ferry   Mini grapes & white cherries

With Love,



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