Sunday, 28 January 2018

Like a Barossan

Dear Lovelies,

These majestic palm trees may make it look like I’m somewhere close to an ocean, blistering heat, glistening sky, salt water smell in the air.

Well, blistering heat is true, but I’m actually over an hour away from an ocean. In fact, the most amount of water here can probably be found in the irrigation systems for the vines. Yes! I’m in the Barossa, north of Adelaide.

This stunning road is lined with old and gracious palm trees that throw much needed shade to protect from the sun that makes the quicksilver approach 40 degrees easily before noon.

What better way to stay cool then to wear a simple polyester skirt, put a knot in the t-shirt (and enjoy a sneaky glass of ice cold Rosé).

For those of you who are interested in outfit details: the skirt is from the recent Zara sale (that I showed you *here*), t-shirt from Kmart - buy one size up so you can put a knot in it ;-)

With Love,


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