Sunday, 18 January 2015

Fitness in the City

Dear Lovelies,

I didn't plan on publishing this post, but I was so surprised that I got so many good photos this morning. What was planned as just one photograph ended up as a whole series - let's face it: Sydney is simply stunning and even though I've lived here for over two years now, I still take photos like a tourist :-)

The reason for this spontaneous photo shoot this morning is a competition in Marie Claire Magazine. In a fitness related article they asked readers to reflect on #whatgetsmeoutofbed and although I can think of dozens of reasons, Sydney's beauty and beachy lifestyle is top of the list when it comes to fitness.
Not many cities can claim that they have such spectacular waterfront areas and an amazing climate. This combination is simply made for working out outdoors.

I recently discovered Yoga, after a lovely friend convinced me to join her at Hot Yoga. The craze behind this type of exercise was always a mystery to me, in fact I even thought it's something that Hippies did - please excuse the very shallow stereotype.
It turns out it is one of the most physically challenging things I've ever done while also forcing you to switch off stress causing thoughts and focus on yourself. Being a girl, I also of course enjoy the certain type of gym clothing styles that comes with yoga - the little crop tops and patterned tights <3 The tights I'm wearing in the pictures are from Mika Yogawear (have a look *here*), an American company I stumbled upon while I was searching for the perfect yoga pants. Not only do I love the pattern, but I also have to say that these tights fit perfectly, they literally mould around you. Very recommendable! The top needs to get a special mention as well, it's from H&M and double sided! One side is pink and purple, the other is grey and pink! Everyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE things that have a little special something. Both, the tights and the top tick this box!

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  1. Big fan of yoga too and you can't beat some awesome funky patterned leggings!




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