Saturday, 25 May 2013

Loafers Are Ballet Flats For Grown Ups!

Dear Lovelies,

I've had my favourite pair of ballet flats for ages now. Im actually talking years here! Simple, black ballet flats which I always found classy and suitable for everything.
After dragging them everywhere - to clubs, to the other end of the world - they have finally inevitably tendered their resignation.
With a little tear in my eye I looked at my now shabby and old looking, always loyal companion and was wondering if I should replace them with another pair.
Now, you might say that I've picked that trend up quite late, but I'm convinced it is an age thing!
I'm finally ready for my first pair of loafers without feeling too old or too serious.
So instead of  investing into black plastic ballet flats I decided to invest into a beautiful black suede leather pair of Diana Ferrari loafers. The elegant golden chain, the slim cut and the material quality were enough arguments for love at first sight.

Diana Ferrari Loafers *click*
Zara coat with individually detachable fake fur ♥

H&M High Waisted Jeans ♥

With Love,


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